PHOTOS: Inside Endeavour's crew cabin


Posted: March 7, 2012

A sea of switches, displays, gauges and buttons greet astronauts, engineers and the few lucky visitors who crawl inside a space shuttle.

In the shuttle's lower deck, there is the ship's crew hatch and a tunnel leading to an airlock, the cargo bay and the docking system which would link to the International Space Station.

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Photo credit: Stephen Clark/Spaceflight Now

Endeavour's middeck served as sleeping quarters, kitchen, bathroom, closet and research laboratory.


A control panel for the shuttle's speaker system.


Crawling through the tunnel leading to the airlock and cargo bay.


Larger image available for download.


Endeavour's 60-foot-long payload bay viewed from the airlock. Larger image available for download.


Endeavour's docking system hatch was the pathway between the shuttle and space station.


Endeavour's aft-facing flight deck windows yield an overview of the payload bay.


Part of the shuttle's aft flight deck.

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