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Previous presidential and vice presidential visits
Posted: April 20, 2011

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This listing compiles U.S. presidential and vice presidential visits to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center over the past four decades. President Obama is scheduled to attend the launch of shuttle Endeavour on April 29.

Dr. Werner Von Braun explains the Saturn system to President John F. Kennedy at Complex 37 who was on tour at the Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex on Nov. 16, 1963. Credit: NASA

Dwight D. Eisenhower, President
--2/10/60, visited Cape Canaveral

John F. Kennedy, President
--2/23/62, Project Mercury ceremony to present Glenn & Gilruth with NASA Distinguished Service Medal
--9/11/62, toured of LOC launch complexes for Mercury-Atlas, Titan and Saturn C-1.
--11/16/63, visited Cape Canaveral and watched launch of Polaris missile from submarine; President was in helicopter flying over MILA (under construction)

Lyndon B. Johnson, Vice President
--10/3/61, toured of space installations
--2/23/62, Project Mercury ceremony
--9/11/62, toured LOC with President Kennedy

Lyndon B. Johnson, President
--9/15/64, impromptu visit to KSC, inspected SA-7 booster being prepared for launch & space probes, briefed by Schirra on Gemini spacecraft
--9/27/66, visit with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard for tour and a speech in VAB.

Lyndon B. Johnson, civilian
--7/15-16/69, viewed Apollo 11 launch

Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President
--2/22/65, toured KSC and Air Force facilities, received briefings of various space programs.

Richard M. Nixon, President
--11/14/69, viewed Apollo 12 launch, becoming first sitting President to view a NASA launch

Spiro T. Agnew, Vice President
--3/3/69, viewed Apollo 9 launch
--7/16/69, viewed Apollo 11 launch
--1/31/71, viewed Apollo 14 launch

Jimmy Carter, President
--10/1/78, celebration for NASA's 20th Anniversary and awards to astronauts in VAB

Jimmy Carter, civilian
--1/3/02, touring KSC accompanied by wife, Rosalyn

George Bush, Vice President
--3/17/81, toured shuttle operations and met with STS-1 crew
--2/5/82, Spacelab dedication at the O&C Building
--9/5/83, KSC's Labor Day picnic held at press site
--1/28/86, visit with astronaut families and NASA officials after STS-51L

Dan Quayle, Vice President
--2/20/91, toured LCC, LC-39A and visited with STS-39 crew, watched countdown test
--5/9/91, Spaceport USA to dedicate Space Mirror
--9/12/92, viewed STS-47 launch

Bill Clinton, President
--10/29/98, viewed STS-95 launch with John Glenn onboard

Dick Cheney, Vice President
--7/1/06, viewed STS-121 launch attempt

Barack Obama, President
--4/15/10, speech on his space program vision