Spaceflight Now: STS-106 Mission Report

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Updated: Sept. 16, 2000

Full video coverage of space shuttle mission STS-106.

In orbit
The Olympics
The crew of space shuttle Atlantis send greetings and best wishes to the athletes gathered in Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Summer Olympics.
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Climbing the station
To reach their workplace, astronauts Lu and Malenchenko had to climb 110 feet up the towering docked space station.
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Spacewalk tasks
During a six-hour spacewalk, astronaut Lu and cosmonaut Malenchenko installed a magnetometer boom and connected wires between the Zarya and Zvezda modules.
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Shuttle joins station
Space shuttle Atlantis docks with the International Space Station high above Kazakhstan.
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Launch day
Astronauts ready
The seven Atlantis astronauts depart their quarters and head for launch pad 39B to board the shuttle.
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Liftoff of Atlantis
Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off from pad 39B on its mission to deliver supplies and equipment to the international space station.
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Tracking the shuttle
A tracking camera located on the beach north of launch pad 39B watches space shuttle Atlantis climb into the morning sky on Sept. 8.
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Rolling on course
Atlantis blasts off and rolls to a heads-down position for its trek toward orbit as seen in this dramatic tracking camera footage.
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Boosters separate
The twin solid rocket boosters are jettisoned from space shuttle Atlantis having completed their job during the launch.
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Tracking the SRBs
A tracking camera captures the separation of the twin solid rocket boosters from Atlantis.
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Crew arrival
The seven Atlantis astronauts arrive at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday evening in advance of their launch to the international space station.
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Lightning strikes!
A bolt of lightning struck launch pad 39B during a severe thunderstorm on Sept. 5 where space shuttle Atlantis is waiting for liftoff. Video shows views from different angles.
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Mission preview
Docking with station
NASA animation shows Atlantis approaching and docking to the International Space Station during the STS-106 mission.
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Leaving ISS behind
Atlantis undocks and makes a fly-around of the international space station before departing during the STS-106 mission as seen in NASA animation.
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Tour the station
Take an animated tour of the exterior of the international space station in its current configuration, including the Unity, Zarya and Zvezda modules and Progress cargo freighter.
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