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Public can again request shuttle launch passes
Posted: January 21, 2001

View of shuttle launch as seen from NASA Causeway. Photo: NASA
Written requests for vehicle passes to view Space Shuttle launches within the restricted perimeter of Kennedy Space Center (KSC) are once again being accepted. These passes grant visitors permission to drive through several designated guard stations to a public viewing site on the causeway between KSC and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station without the requirement of an escort.

Anyone is welcome to make a request, including members of the general public worldwide, educators, and representatives from groups or organizations wishing to attend the launch together.

Only requests for passes for the following Space Shuttle missions currently targeted for launch in the year 2001 are being accepted:

  • STS-102 (March)
  • STS-100 (April)
  • STS-104 (May)
  • STS-105 (June)
  • STS-107 (Aug.)
  • STS-108 (Oct.)
  • STS-109 (Nov.)

See our launch schedule for liftoff dates.

Since the number of vehicle passes is limited, requests will be accepted on a first come first served basis. All requests should be submitted in writing to:

Car Pass Request
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899

Letter and postcard requests are allowed. No e-mail or telephone requests will be accepted.

The request must be for one mission only. The mission must be specified in the request letter. The request must also specify which of the following category of vehicle pass is required: car, motor home, bus, or disabled.

Only those selected will be notified by mail. The passes will then be mailed to the recipient's address approximately three weeks prior to the launch. Only one request per person will be honored. Only one pass will be issued per request.

Because of the limited number of passes available, only one (1) request per household or address will be honored each calendar year. This policy will apply to all future Space Shuttle missions. Requests for passes for missions launching after the year 2001 will not be honored at this time.

For more information, visit the following Web site: