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Falcon 9 launch timeline
Posted: September 18, 2014

T-00:00 Liftoff
After the rocket's nine Merlin engines pass an automated health check, four hold-down clamps will release the Falcon 9 booster for liftoff from Complex 40.
T+01:10 Mach 1
The Falcon 9 rocket reaches Mach 1, the speed of sound.
T+01:23 Max Q
The Falcon 9 rocket reaches Max Q, the point of maximum aerodynamic pressure.
T+02:41 MECO
Moments after two of the Falcon 9's first stage engines shut down, the remaining seven Merlin engines cut off at an altitude of 80 kilometers, or about 50 miles, and a velocity of Mach 10.
T+02:44 Stage 1 Separation
The Falcon 9's first stage separates from the second stage three seconds after MECO.
T+02:52 Stage 2 Ignition
The second stage Merlin vacuum engine ignites for a nearly seven-minute burn to inject the Dragon payload into orbit.
T+03:32 Nose Cone Jettison
The nose cone covering the Dragon spacecraft's berthing port is jettisoned after the rocket climbs above the dense lower atmosphere.
T+09:40 SECO
The second stage Merlin vacuum engine shuts down after reaching a target orbit with a low point of 310 kilometers (192 miles), a high point of 340 kilometers (211 miles), and an inclination of 51.6 degrees.
T+10:15 Dragon Separation
The Dragon spacecraft separates from the Falcon 9 second stage to begin pursuit of the International Space Station.
T+11:00 Begin Solar Array Deployment
Dragon's two power-producing solar arrays begin unfolding after their covers are jettisoned. The solar arrays extend 54 feet tip-to-tip.

Data source: SpaceX