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The Mission

Rocket: Delta 2 (7320)
Payload: Swift
Date: November 20, 2004
Window: 12:10 to 1:10 p.m. EST (1710-1810 GMT)
Site: SLC-17A, Cape Canaveral, Florida
Broadcast: AMC 6, Transponder 9, C-band, 72° West

Launch events timeline

Ground track map

Launch hazard area

The Payload

NASA's Swift spacecraft will detect gamma-ray bursts, the most powerful explosions in the universe, for asronomers to study.

The Launcher

Boeing's workhorse Delta 2 rocket has flown more than 100 times, launching military, scientific and commercial satellites.

Delta 2 fact sheet

The pre-launch process

Archived Delta coverage

The Venue

Cape Canaveral's Launch Complex 17 is the East Coast home of Delta 2.

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Follow the countdown and launch of the Boeing Delta 2 rocket with NASA's Swift gamma-ray burst detection observatory. Reload this page for the very latest on the mission.

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