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Launch of Swift
The Boeing Delta rocket launches from Cape Canaveral carrying the Swift gamma-ray observatory. This extended clip follows the mission through second stage ignition and includes onboard video of the nose cone separation. (5min 45sec file)
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Nose cone jettison
The Delta rocket's upward-facing video camera captures the nose cone covering Swift being jettisoned about five minutes into flight. (1min 06sec file)
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Swift deployed
A video camera mounted on the Delta rocket's second stage shows maneuvers to the proper orientation for release of Swift high above Earth and the observatory's successful deployment. (8min 00sec file)
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Cocoa Beach view
A powerful tracking camera located at Cocoa Beach south of the pad provides this spectacular view from liftoff through the early minutes of flight by the Delta rocket and Swift. (2min 54sec file)
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Photo gallery: Delta 2 rocket launch of Swift spacecraft
Posted: November 20, 2004

The Boeing Delta 2 rocket successfully launches NASA's NASA's Swift gamma-ray observatory into space to detect the most powerful explosions in the universe. Photo: Carleton Bailie/Boeing