MAP launch opportunities
Posted: June 29, 2001

These launch opportunities are dictated by the position of the moon. MAP will make a lunar flyby for a "sling-shot" toward its L2 orbit a million miles from Earth.

Date Window Open Window Close
June 30 3:46:46 p.m. EDT 3:58:46 p.m. EDT
July 1 3:40:11 p.m. EDT 3:52:11 p.m. EDT
July 2 3:34:53 p.m. EDT 3:49:53 p.m. EDT
July 3 3:30:23 p.m. EDT 3:35:23 p.m. EDT
July 4 3:30:17 p.m. EDT 3:35:17 p.m. EDT
July 5 3:29:36 p.m. EDT 3:44:36 p.m. EDT
July 16 4:23:59 p.m. EDT 4:35:59 p.m. EDT
July 17 4:18:59 p.m. EDT 4:43:59 p.m. EDT
July 18 4:13:57 p.m. EDT 4:38:57 p.m. EDT
July 19 4:14:36 p.m. EDT 4:34:36 p.m. EDT

Data source: Boeing.

Flight Data File
Vehicle: Delta 2 (7425)
Payload: MAP
Launch date: June 30, 2001
Launch time: 3:46:46 p.m. EDT (1946:46 GMT)
Launch site: SLC-17B, Cape Canaveral, Florida
Satellite broadcast: GE-2, Trans. 9, C-band

Pre-launch briefing
Launch timeline - Chart with times and descriptions of events to occur during the launch.

Ground track - Trace the Delta rocket's trek during launch.

Restricted zone - Map outlining the Launch Hazard Area where mariners should remain clear for the liftoff.

Delta 2 rocket - Overview of the Delta 2 7425-model rocket used to launch MAP.

Microwave Anisotropy Probe - Technical look at the spacecraft and its systems.

Mission science - Overview of the scientific objectives of MAP.

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