Kodiak Star launch timeline
Posted: September 19, 2001

Event Time (h:mm:ss)
Liftoff of Athena T+0:00:00
First stage burnout T+0:01:31.4
Payload fairing jettison T+0:02:56
First stage jettison T+0:03:02.5
Second stage ignition T+0:03:05
Second stage burnout T+0:05:35
Second stage jettison T+0:05:36
Third stage ignition T+0:05:41
Third stage shutdown T+0:17:04
PICOSat deployment T+1:03:48
Sapphire deployment T+1:09:36
PCSat deployment T+1:10:36
Starshine deployment T+2:08:24

Data source: NASA.
Flight data file
Vehicle: Athena 1
Payload: Kodiak Star
Launch date: Sept. 21, 2001
Launch window: 9-11 p.m. EDT (0100-0300 GMT on 22nd)
Launch site: Kodiak Launch Complex, Alaska
Satellite broadcast: GE-2, Trans. 9, C-band

Pre-launch briefing
Kodiak Star - A complete mission overview with details on the payloads and new launch site.

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Athena vehicle data - Overview of the rocket to be used in this launch.