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Cygnus launch cargo
Posted: July 12, 2014

NOTE: On its second operational flight to the International Space Station, the Cygnus spacecraft will launch with 3,293 pounds, or 1,493.8 kilograms, of cargo and supplies.

Launch Cargo 3,293 pounds
Crew supplies (1,684 pounds)
  • Crew care packages

  • Crew provisions

  • Food

Vehicle hardware (783 pounds)
  • Crew Health Care System hardware

  • Environment Control and Life Support equipment

  • Electrical Power System hardware

  • Extravehicular Robotics equipment

  • Flight Crew Equipment

  • PL Facility

  • Structure & Mechanical equipment

  • Internal Thermal Control System hardware

Science investigations (721 pounds)
  • CubeSats and deployers

  • Dynamic Surf Hardware

  • Human Research Program resupply

Computer resources (18 pounds)
  • Command and Data Handling

  • Photo and TV equipment

EVA equipment (87 pounds)

Data source: NASA