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Cygnus launch cargo
Posted: September 14, 2013

NOTE: On its first test flight to the International Space Station, the Cygnus spacecraft will launch with 1,543, or 700 kilograms, pounds of cargo and supplies. The mission is considered a demonstration flight by NASA, and none of the cargo is essential.

Launch Cargo 1,543 pounds
Total cargo (1,543 pounds)
  • M-02 bag, Crew Provisions/CCP (162.19 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, OFK/ODF/MISC HDWR (145.68 pounds)

  • M-01 bag, Crew Provisions/Camera Light Pan-Tilt Assembly Box (179.08 pounds)

  • M-01 bag, Crew Provisions (122.73 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, Hygiene Towels/Nitrile Gloves (116.36 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, OFK/BOBs (199.01 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, Printer and PS120 Hardware (188.91 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, Bag BOBs (13) (158.29 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, Bag BOBs (12) (154.48 pounds)

  • M-02 bag, BOBs (12) (116.03 pounds)

Data source: Orbital Sciences Corp.