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MESSENGER launch windows
Posted: July 22, 2004

Date Window Open
Eastern Daylight Time
Window Close
Eastern Daylight Time
August 2 2:16:11 a.m. 2:16:23 a.m.
August 3 2:15:56 a.m. 2:16:08 a.m.
August 4 2:15:22 a.m. 2:15:34 a.m.
August 5 2:15:12 a.m. 2:15:24 a.m.
August 6 2:14:58 a.m. 2:15:10 a.m.
August 7 2:14:47 a.m. 2:14:59 a.m.
August 8 2:14:22 a.m. 2:14:34 a.m.
August 9 2:14:07 a.m. 2:14:19 a.m.
August 10 2:13:54 a.m. 2:14:06 a.m.
August 11 2:13:49 a.m. 2:14:01 a.m.
August 12 2:13:42 a.m. 2:13:54 a.m.
August 13 2:13:29 a.m. 2:13:41 a.m.
August 14 2:13:41 a.m. 2:13:53 a.m.

Data source: NASA

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