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Rocket: Ariane 5 ECA
Payload: Amazonas 3 & Azerspace/Africasat 1a
Date: February 7, 2013
Time: 2136 GMT (4:36 p.m. EST)
Window: 44 minutes
Site: ELA-3, Guiana Space Center, Kourou, French Guiana.

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Ariane 5 launch timeline
Posted: February 6, 2013

H0 Main Engine Ignition
The Ariane 5 rocket's first stage Vulcain 2 main engine ignites and undergoes a thorough health check on the launch pad.
H0+00:07.3 Launch
Producing about 2.6 million pounds of thrust, the Ariane 5 rocket's two solid rocket boosters ignite to lift the launcher into the sky.
H0+00:12.6 Start Pitch Maneuver
The Ariane 5 rocket begins to pitch over after rising vertically from the ELA-3 launch pad.
H0+00:17.1 Start Roll Maneuver
The Ariane 5 rocket starts its roll maneuver to head east away from the Guiana Space Center.
H0+00:48.6 Mach 1
At an altitude of 6,650 meters, or about 21,800 feet, the Ariane 5 launcher passes the speed of sound.
H0+02:22 Booster Separation
The solid rocket boosters exhaust their propellant and are jettisoned from the Ariane 5's first stage.
H0+03:18 Jettison Payload Fairing
The two halves of the Ariane 5's 5.4-meter, or 17.7-foot, diameter payload fairing are jettisoned once the rocket leaves the thick lower atmosphere.
H0+08:51 Main Stage Shutdown
The cryogenic first stage's Vulcain 2 main engine shuts down.
H0+08:57 Stage Separation
Explosive bolts fire to separate the Ariane 5's first and second stages.
H0+09:00 Upper Stage Ignition
The upper stage's HM7B engine, burning liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, ignites to propel the Amazonas 3 and Azerspace/Africasat 1a satellites to orbit.
H0+25:14 Upper Stage Shutdown 1
The upper stage's HM7B engine shuts down after reaching an orbit with a low point of 154 miles, a high point of 22,236 miles and an inclination of 6 degrees.
H0+27:55 Amazonas 3 Separation
The Ariane 5 rocket deploys the Amazonas 3 communications satellite for Hispasat of Madrid.
H0+34:40 Sylda 5 Separation
The Sylda 5 dual-payload adapter is jettisoned to expose the Azerspace/Africasat 1a satellite for separation.
H0+34:42 Azerspace/Africasat 1a Separation
The Ariane 5 rocket deploys the Azerspace/Africasat 1a for Azercosmos, a state-owned entity within the Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications.

Data source: EADS Astrium

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